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Helicopter Banners

With their partner's, Avpro utilizes a proven system to deliver the largest aerial media platform ever! A Heli-Skysign is great way to build awareness of your brand, launch a marketing campaign or new product or just to deliver a call to action message to your potential customers. 

Unlike an aerial billboard that is towed behind a moving aircraft, a Heli-Skysign is actually lifted off the ground by a hovering helicopter. With its lifting capabilities, a helicopter's banner size is only limited to its power and not by how fast it has to move to stay in the air like an airplane. This feature, allows these types of banner to range in size from 10,000 Sq Ft. to 50,000 sq ft in size. 

Describing a helicopter banner as simply huge does not do this exciting and amazing form of aerial adverting justice.



We have access to various aerial mediums, including Vintage Aircraft, Aerobatic Airplanes, Skydiving Teams etc. to help promote your brand or message in a highly visible manner. Drone video is also available.



A Team of 6 airplanes ( 5 plus a reserve ) flying in formation at approx.. 10,000 above Cities, events, large gatherings etc.

These airplanes  “spit “ out dots of high density white smoke to form letters and images.  ( see photos )

Typically, the message can be seen from approx. 20 miles away and offers extremely high visibility exposure for the clients Logo and/or Message.



Go BLue Skywriting photo_0.jpg


Skywriting is done with just 1 airplane at approx.. 8,000’/10,000 ‘ above the ground.

The skilled Pilot twists and turns the airplanes, as it releases high density white smoke, to form simple images and short words.

Skywriting is not as versatile as Skytyping but is considerably less expensive.

Both these mediums and very weather dependent and sometime have to be delayed of cancelled on the morning of the display, if the cloud base is low or the windspeed picks up.